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Aug 20, 2013 5:00pm PDT
dances, sean describes the place as wild. he says he feared something like this would happen. >> this type business, you know it, the crowd that it brings is a pretty bad crowd. it's just, it's not uncommon. >> we do know that a lot of these establishments are popping up throughout the city. >> reporter: the office of campos is conducting a private investigation. >> it goes back to do we have enough police officers on the streets. >> reporter: of the two surviving victims one had already been released from the hospital. both are expected to recover from their injuries. live in san jose, anne rubin, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> developing news now from just west of yosemite national park where a wildfire has prompted the evacuation of homes and summer camps. the so called rim fire started in the stanislaus national forest. it has now grown to 10,000 acres. it spread across highway 120 which is now closed at smith station between groveland and the entrance to yosemite. 200 senior citizens from the bay area attending a special session at camp mather were evacuated today as a precaution. that
Aug 20, 2013 5:00pm EDT
on both hands. paul so covering the trial. paul? >> sean when vaneszy was stab indeed her car of june of 2010. police release the few details about what happened and what they found in her car in the fairfax plaza shopping center. they never revealed a baby bottle was found. they never revealed a baby dip diaper was in the car. vanesza put up quite a fight before she was killed. >> holeiogarcia grips the defense table as doctor williams described in detail how vanesza lost her life on june 272010. fighting with both hands before fatalally stabbed in the neck and chest. >> this will not be immediately fatal tell take time for her to bleed. bleeding out is the mechanism of her death. she bled out. >> doctor williams said she had slash and stab wounds to face, chest and knees. would to be painful? would she have time to think? to both questions doctor williams said, yes. today's familiar revealed police found item in her car including a cloth baby diaper and a baby bottle. clare mc donald a friend took the stand and said she had been in the teens car the night before and not seen a baby
Aug 15, 2013 5:00pm PDT
is opening up about "operation cease-fire" and the city's ongoing effort to curb crime. chief sean whent said today that since the program began last september, the department has continued to grow and dedicate resources to ensure its success. chief whent said addressing violent crime is his top priority. >> when our children have become victims of homicide, it's completely unacceptable. my top strategy for addressing violent crime in this city is "cease-fire." to that end, i've added additional resources so that the police department can do targeted and focused enforcement related to "cease- fire" seven days a week. >> a sweep netted 8 arrests last night. officers also took a 14-year- old girl into protective custody. >>> a police shooting in hayward. a little girl called 911 saying her dad was threatening her mom with a night. police say they were fighting when they arrived at the home last night. then the man lunged at them with the knife. an officer shot and killed him. the incident is under investigation. >>> other bay area headlines, a tangle between two taxis that ended in a
Aug 23, 2013 5:00pm EDT
was at fault in the accident.cie >> the metrobus had a green light, sean. >> all right. >> bob bob barnard. >> thank you. >>> nearly four years after a horrific shooting rampage in fort hood major nadal hasan is convicted on all counts of murder. he was found guilty in the attack and he is eligible for the death penalty. >> casey seeingel is in fort hood with the very latest. >> army major nadal hasan found guilty ofna all charges against him in the 2009 shooting rampage at fort hood. >> the panel of officers seated for the trial of united states versus major nadal hasan returned a verdict with a unanimous finding of guilty to first charge of 13 counts of premeditated murder and guiltynd of 32 counts of the additional t charges ofhe attempted premeditated murder. >> jury deliberations took about 6 1/2 hours following 11 days of testimony from nearly 90ness and closing arguments. >> hasan acted a as his own own defense attorney at the time only questioned 3 of the total witnesses and did not presentnot his closing arguments. >> before curable began he saide he is a soldier of allah
Aug 19, 2013 5:00pm EDT
days. sean, back to you. >> this man was stand king on train tracks. he was a senior and a member of the men's volleyball team. patrick was a world class athlete and developed into a dominant volleyball player. it was his love for teammate and friends that shined the brightest. a 25-year-old man killed in a construction accident in maryland. man was working in a trench seven feet deep when the dirt collapsed. he was working with the crew building a deck on the back of a home. >> we are learning what caused last week's horrific accident on the bay that caused -- the tractor trailer rear ended a car and pushed the vehicle down to the water. the driver was not seriously hurt. if you would like to take a closer look, we posted details on both sides looking to resolve ambulance dispute between the volunteer fire department. they were upset about a newman date requiring four career firefighters staffed there ashed the clock. that mandate could have meant volunteers bumped from trucks. they agreed to continue discussing the issue. >> this is about protecting our community and p
Aug 26, 2013 5:00pm PDT
handler sean crudup and his wife were caught on camera stealing diverted luggage. they say some of the items were returned to nordstrom's. >>> tomorrow, san jose votes on whether to ban styrofoam food containers. if approved, san jose would become the largest city in california and possibly the nation to do so. the ban would go into effect next year for large restaurants and in 2015 for smaller restaurants. >>> and the bay area bike share program begins this week. starting thursday, about 700 bicycles will be available for rent in san francisco, redwood city, san jose, mountain view and palo alto. bikes will be set up near transit hubs in popular destinations. the cost will be $9 a day. >>> it was one of america's darkest days in afghanistan. >> but in the middle of an unwinnable battle, the bay area soldier refused to give up. today, an entire nation recognized his heroism. >> they sensed me. they heard me. they saw me. i don't know what happened. >> close encounter captured on camera. why this kayaker says whales are a lot more graceful than they look. >> lots of clouds to start but
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6